Sales force automation, dsd, catalogue, merchandising, lot traceability, proof of delivery, logistics


Replenishment, goods transfer, inventory, pricing survey, digital flyer, logistics, Wi-Fi

Fashion Retail

outsourcing IT, digital shop (connected shopper, beacon), proximity marketing, retail management, traceability, sales force automation, showroom sales


Production and logistics traceability, WMS, proof of delivery, work force automation

News from Aton

3 Good reasons to adopt RFID in your Company

RFID is by now a well-known technology. Nevertheless, the aspects that make RFID really advantageous for people and object identification

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Aton’s Sell Out Data Collection Service also fits Kering Eyewear

For brands operating in the eyewear world, protagonists these days at the MIDO, the greatest internatinal event for the eyewear

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B2B e-commerce for industrial cleaning products? Ica System has already done it!

Also in the world of products for professional cleaning is gaining ground B2B e-commerce, a web portal that simplifies and

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Garanzia Giovani: 20 interns hired in Aton in 3 years

The importance of internship to facilitate access to the world of work came to light in the interview, broadcast on

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