Sales force automation, dsd, catalogue, merchandising, lot traceability, proof of delivery, logistics


Replenishment, goods transfer, inventory, pricing survey, digital flyer, logistics, Wi-Fi

Fashion Retail

outsourcing IT, digital shop (connected shopper, beacon), proximity marketing, retail management, traceability, sales force automation, showroom sales


Production and logistics traceability, WMS, proof of delivery, work force automation

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Buy or sell: Behind these two complementary actions there are very varied apps

Two entities characterize the selling process: on the one side the one that sells, on the other the one that

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Efficient sales strategies? You should first know your customer!

Getting to know consumers’ habits, tastes, motivations and purchase behaviour has indeed become an essential element in modern sales. Nowadays,

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Will future bring “customized prices”? For our customers it is already a reality!

A promotion offered to someone who was not looking for it uselessly reduces profit margins (that is, what is defined

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The world hidden in a coffee cup

Have you ever wondered what there is behind this simple daily rite that takes place at the bar? You would

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