Sales force automation, dsd, catalogue, merchandising, lot traceability, proof of delivery, logistics


Replenishment, goods transfer, inventory, pricing survey, digital flyer, logistics, Wi-Fi

Fashion Retail

outsourcing IT, digital shop (connected shopper, beacon), proximity marketing, retail management, traceability, sales force automation, showroom sales


Production and logistics traceability, WMS, proof of delivery, work force automation

News from Aton

Why sales need a Mobile CRM?

In a scenario where the customer is at the center of all business processes, a sales app cannot be limited to transaction management (order collection, takings management…), but

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Digital payments in B2B food service sales solutions

Digital payments are becoming a reality in various sectors, above all if we talk about B2B and in particular food

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Today Aton enters ELITE, the Borsa Italiana international programme

Aton is among the 50 new Italian companies admitted to ELITE, the Italian Stock Exchange international programme born in 2012

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3 Good reasons to adopt RFID in your Company

RFID is by now a well-known technology. Nevertheless, the aspects that make RFID really advantageous for people and object identification

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