We work for our customer safety and process control. What can we offer? 25 years’ experience, high performance mobile software applications and services integrated with rugged certified devices.

Intelligence is already “cloud-ready”

Aton Solutions for telemetering and mobile compiuting are “cloud ready”: reliability of the device and the data collected from the territory offers by Aton, infrastructure and ability to centrally manage large volumes of data with partners such as Telecomitalia and Deutsch Telekom.

Aton Green Offer

Gathering Data from over 1,000 Distributed Customers

Aton’s telemeterinLPG Tank g solutions use state-of-the-art technologies. They are based on M2M (machine-to-machine) applications which allow remote coordination of huge amounts of reading devices – specifically, tank meter readings and tank level-detector readings-. The devices are distributed over the territory and connected by means of point-to-point radio relay stations as well as via data mobile network, thanks to Aton’s extended partnerships with the most significant telephone carriers. All the information gathered and instructions sent to on-the-field devices (it is, in fact, feasible to send commands to a remote device) are collected and centrally managed by specialized data centres and then cloud distributed via web, round the clock, 365 days a year.

Smart Meter

Smar MeterWe use new generation devices (Flonidan, Itron, Elster, General Elettric) for real time lpg/gas consumption control, these allow: perfect and immediate daily consumption forecast of any users with error free report for invoices and accountability reasons, remote open/close valve for delivery management, pre-payment selling model (for LPG Market), Directive 2006/32/EC of European Parliament compliant (for Natural gas Market). Would you like to get further information? Contact us >



Geo-localization solutions have currently become an indispensable tool for Lampogas, Digas, Carbotrade and other companies basing their business on product & service sales by means of mobile resources distributed over the territory. Aton’s localization solutions allow you to know mobile units positioning at any time. Moreover, it is possible to control whether the vehicle is still, if its engine is on, if it is unloading the product, how much product it transports and if it is unloading it at one of our customers’ or not. In case of unloading at a place not corresponding to one of your customers’, the system immediately shows the anomaly, allowing the operator at your premises to control whether it is a new customer, a fraud attempt, etc. Would you like to get further information? Contact us >