Aton has been active in the LPG market for over 20 years. Our offer to this market extends over the years from sales applications (both for distribution and for the end customer) to Asset Management.  In the last 10 years, our offer has developed and enriched with IoT technologies and cutting-edge software solutions both in telemetry (smart meters and TTL) and in tracking systems (with RFID technology).

Aton’s hardware-independent nature has helped us seamlessly switch from one technology to another.

An offering that satisfies the needs of the business

Aton’s offering for LPG companies addresses the growing need for companies to have up-to-date, real-time information on:

  • Product consumption for both regional LPG canalized networks and private sector tanks.
  • Product stock in the tanks of the private customers

Aton LPG 4.0: an offering of applications and services covering the entire lifecycle of our customers

In recent years, the LPG market has undergone an extraordinary evolution: the availability of IoT technologies (smart meters, telemetry tank levels and other telemetry devices) has generated a huge amount of Big Data.

The investments made on a data software platform has enabled our customers to manage the entire process from sales, distribution and after-sales, to greatly improving the relationship with the end user.

Aton Solutions for LPG Market

The daily availability of all consumption and product stock data of hundreds of thousands of users in various countries becomes an enabling factor for:

  • planning the purchase, distribution and sale of the product
  • enhancing the planning for plant maintenance
  • optimising pricing policies
  • creating new data-driven marketing strategies aimed at the end user

This positively impacts on reducing operating costs and ultimately increasing sales.

Aton’s services for LPG market

50% of Aton’s resources are dedicated to extended services in 6 languages to support our customers and their users:

  • software and hardware application support to our customers’ sales reps and technicians
  • support to end users