Since we were born, our vocational itinerary has strongly grown towards mobility and our knowledge and competence are put to the test every day to serve on-the-move workers.

Our passion for innovation has made us develop distributed computing solutions: applications for mobile devices which support salespeople, maintenance operators, couriers, logistic operators and technicians; machine-to-machine applications (M2M, e.g. telemetry and geo-localization) and IOT (Internet Of Things: for example, goods identification via RFID).

Longtime reliability is one of our guidelines: we work side by side with our customers in the initial consulting phase, follow up the project development, take care of maintenance needs and provide outsourcing services for assistance to end-users who use applications while on the move (like a shop-assistant in a store or an operator working outdoors or travelling in a lorry) thanks to our multilingual ServiceDesk operating all over Europe.

Our Approach





Trust relationship

The trust relationship we maintain with our customers from Granarolo to Latte Arborea, from Gruppo Coin to Stefanel as well as with our partners, is our main strong point.

We are supported by a network of branches for the management of companies which require intervention on the field: Blue Mobility, Aton White and Orange Mobility in Italy, Aton España and onPortugal in the Iberian peninsula and Aton Purple in Rumania.