A complete suite for your Sales Force

Our unique software platform allows companies to manage all their sales channels thanks to sales force automation, mobile CRM, direct store delivery and e-commerce B2B applications.

Granarolo, Bindi, Gruppo DAC, Segafredo, Fassa Bortolo, Acca Kappa are jus a few examples of companies that have involved Aton in their sales digitalization process.

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IT Support Services for Retail

Our IT Support Services for Stores meet a growing need in companies operating in the Retail world: outsourcingly entrust all services related to correct store IT infrastructure functioning, from hardware devices to software applications or connectivity.

Our ServiceDesk, a team made up of 50 multilingual and ICT professionals, has acquired in-depth knowledge of Retail processes thanks to our experience with companies such as Geox, Benetton, Moncler, OVS, Coin, Stefanel, L’Oreal, Gas Jeans, Salewa and Under Armour.

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RFID: The Internet of Things Is a Reality

The adoption of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) has a positive impact on business as it allows contributing to achieving objectives and making the Company’s competitiveness grow, improving organizational efficiency and guaranteeing maximum consumer’s safeguard.

We have been present in the RFID world since the mid-90’s, when the first experimental UHF projects were realized; nowadays we feature successful cases in the fashion-luxury sector for Made-in-Italy safeguard and logistics optimization, in the manufacturing field for production and shipment monitoring, in Healthcare and in several International Agencies and Banking institutions for asset management.

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Thanks to measurements obtained through tele-reading devices (Smart Grid) and remote management or remote control you can maximize asset information throughout the area, minimize costs, optimize distribution and increase customers lo.

Ultragas Tirrena, High Trevigiano Services, Digas (ENI Group), Energas Q8 are just a few examples of companies that have chosen Aton technologies in the field of machine-to-machine.

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