Increasingly Smart Despar Stores: in a Video, Workers Explain How an App Can Improve Everybody’s Work

Thanks to Aton’s .onRetail, the app managing product “life cycle” in stores and warehouses, there has been no need to print a million documents and detection errors have been minimized.

This solution is active in 589 Despar, Eurospar and Interspar stores in Triveneto and Emilia-Romagna: in a video published on the social network, employees explain customers how the system works.

A million less documents printed, 400,000 orders digitalized, error zeroing in tracking phase for products on the racks of 589 Despar, Eurospar and Interspar stores managed by Aspiag Service in Triveneto and Emilia Romagna and – above all – great teamwork. These are the results of utilizing .onRetail, the retail management system which has made Despar stores even “smarter” and has been developed by Aton, software and service solution company for multichannel sales and the Mass Media Retailers world, in collaboration with Aspiag Service.

.onRetail allows single stores to become increasingly connected to warehouses and manage, by means of a single mobile App, the whole product “life cycle”. Orders, inventories, return management, goods movimentation, etc. Statistics regarding articles sold, ordered, in arrival or in promotion can in fact be analyzed, placed and consulted directly at the racks, in a smart and fast way.

And this tool promotion is also “smart” as it has revolutionized management for thousands of products which are found on the racks every week: it is in fact the community of Despar workers that explain the advantages of this system which improves work, helps environment care and minimizes errors. They have become “spokepeople” and protagonists of this project in a video published on the social network these days, showing how technology has improved everybody’s work.

“It is an App – explains Maurizio Usan, Aspiag Service Sales Organization Manager – that we have built together with our employees and collaborators in our stores and in the distribution and purchase sectors, by listening to their needs and with a view to making product management simpler, both in stores and warehouses. Thanks to this system, we take more care of the environment by preventing waste: regarding paper, because there are many less sheets to be filled and printed and also regarding goods because, by minimizing errors, products are better managed, and this is an advantage to us all.”

“We like to measure a product success from the satisfaction of those who daily utilize our applications – states Giorgio De Nardi, Aton Founder & CEO -. This proof shows how important it is to place users at the core of new solution creation processes.”

The project was started in 2018 in 244 Aspiag direct stores and 345 affiliate ones in the four regions in which the brand operates: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna. “It is a first target that we have achieved, to be read in a wider context – declared Francesco Montalvo, Aspiag Service CEO – which aims at complete digitalization of activities in our stores: this objective is shared by the staff working in all our points of sale and by our partners. The video we have published on the social network is a source of satisfaction: our workers have collaborated in every project phase, from detection of needs to the App realization, up to its promotion for final customers. This consistent investment has in fact resulted in great service improvement: more real-time information for all.”