LPG, natural gas, technical gas, water and waste: for each of these areas we have acquired specific skills and developed solutions that can limit fraud, minimize costs, verify in real time the delivery of the product and the consumption of each individual user, close and open remotely the valves for the supply of LPG thanks to the new generation meters, geolocalize in real time goods and vehicles, trace the cylinders from the bottling plant to the distribution and much more. Utengas, Ultragas Tirrena, Alto Trevigiano Servizi, Contarina, Digas (ENI group), Energas Q8 are just some of the companies that have decided to work with us.

Aton Green Offer

Aton’s telemetering and mobile computing solutions are cloud ready: Aton’s device and data reliability, infrastructure and ability to manage large volumes of data centrally in partnership with leading international telco operators.


Applications and Services:
  • Safety: Man Down Solution
    A system aimed at all operators who carry out field activities on their own, without visual contact with colleagues, in unmanned areas or in potentially explosive areas.
  • Smart Meter and Meter Reading
    Thanks to the surveys obtained through the remote reading devices (Smart Grid) and remote management or remote control, it is possible to maximize the information on the assets distributed throughout the territory allowing the minimization of costs, optimized distribution and total customer loyalty.
  • Sales and Work Force Automation (WFA)
    For those who base their business on the sale of products and services through mobile resources distributed throughout the territory, they can no longer ignore the use of mobile devices and applications that can optimize the management of tax sales, geo-localize their fleets, access in real time to all information (quantity of product loaded by vehicle, driver, tax data load, expired, suspended and deposits, collections on site …), speed up and certify the performance of maintenance activities.


 Man-down Solution

A tool for worker safety

Man down or Dead Man is an innovative system for the safety of workers able to signal dangerous situations and automatically detect (through a 3D motion sensor) any anomalies such as operator immobility, impact or sudden acceleration.

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