A fully cross-platform omnichannel solution all in your hands.

This solution enables both sales teams and retailers (B2B customers) to improve and increase their profits thanks to its features:

Leverage all your company’s knowledge base while selling a product:

  • salesmen can access online information about previous sales, stock availability, target quantity.
  • retailers can access the full catalogue anytime, anywhere with their own information (payment position, dedicated prices and promotions, checking the previous orders delivery status…) and re-order any products at their own sales conditions.

Preemptive sales
It calculates for you all optimized price conditions, relying on configurable rules based on effective and margin-proof algorithms.

Smart Sync
The ultimate technology “Smart Sync” lets you work seamlessly with or without connectivity from your browser inserting quantities, automatically calculating special prices, discounts and promotions.

Personalized selling approach depending on the sale phase (pre-order, campaign,re-assortment etc).